Goodbye Nikon and Hello Fujifilm

I know, in less than 5 blog posts, I am already switching system. In my defense, I really do not post often at all so that makes it a whole year using Nikon.

So why would I switch from an excellent full frame DSLR system like the Nikon D750 and move to a crop frame sensor like the Fujifilm X-T2? There are many reasons but I will first talk about my experience with Fujifilm.

It all first started when Fujifilm released their first X-Series camera: Fujifilm X100. I fell in love with the design so I decided to spend a whopping $800 for a used camera without interchangeable lens. It was not only the design that impressed me, the picture quality was breathtaking next to my Canon 6D. I was then really tempted to switch to Fujifilm but felt like many important options were missing for it to replace my DSLRs in difficult situations… Until now.

When Fujifilm announced the X-Pro2, they had almost sealed the deal for me. Weather-sealing, dual slot memory card and fast reliable autofocus, it was almost perfect, I just did not like the rangefinder form factor. Then like if Fujifilm understood my hesitation, they announced and released the X-T2. And not only was it great as the X-Pro2 is but was better with a better EVF and 4K video.

Anyhow getting back why I would just get rid of a superb camera. It is really about why most people would go mirrorless. Having something smaller and lighter is just priceless. Yes I would lose on battery life and some performance in low light but that size/weight difference! Working with the EVF is also great as you can see the result right away without having to move your eye.

The above points mentioned were just facts. There also some subjective reasons on why I switched. As I mentioned before, the image quality coming out of the Fujifilm sensor is just amazing. Especially outdoors, the colors are absolutely perfect and the different film simulations is just icing on the cake. The lenses… Oh my the lenses… Not only are they very affordable and super well built, they produce amazing results! I no longer have to be afraid of shooting wide open (Right Canon and Nikon?)

Anyhow, for this post, not going to post any pictures. I do hope I will find the will to regularly update this blog. You know what? I’ll make it my new year’s resolution.

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